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Real Estate Title Search Services Charleston SC

A proper real estate title search is essential for a legal real estate transaction. A title search includes the process of thoroughly looking through a properties history, inspecting the title to make sure the property is marketable, and inspecting public records to ensure that the property/land description is accurate. Conducting this process properly is especially important for buyers on a specific time frame because attention to detail is the only way to avoid major setbacks. With land already being so close together in Charleston, using an attorney’s office that knows the area well and takes pride in their attention to detail is of utmost importance. At Vaughan Law customer satisfaction in order to produce word to mouth referrals is our bread and butter so we are constantly reminded of our incentive to do a great job! 

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A lot can go wrong if your title search is not conducted properly. A short list of problems includes having to do the whole closing process over, being removed from your home or business due to title default, or even having to find an entirely new property in a tight market. Our experienced attorneys go over the title history with a fine toothed comb in order to ensure that you avoid those problems as well as know the history of the property to make sure there are no surprises. Although all of this sounds routine, it is useful to know in an area like Charleston things like flood history, damage from insects, and other aspects of title history that some offices skip over. An inspection doesn’t always do the trick so we ensure that you are at the very least aware of the history of the property. 

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At Vaughan Law we take full responsibility for conducting your title search properly. We go the extra mile to look back into the state records for the full extent that it has been registered in order to make sure you’re aware of any repairs or problems with your property. Additionally, we communicate those problems or lack thereof with you from a standpoint of education that can only come with years of experience to assess the seriousness. It is best to use attorneys that have a combination of experience, attention to detail, and a reputation for customer satisfaction in Charleston as a result of having a history of exceptional work. Contact us today to ensure that your title search goes smoothly and your property is safe!

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