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Real Estate Title Insurance Services Charleston SC

Real estate title insurance is a necessity for any home or business owner no matter how thorough of a title search has been conducted. Title insurance protects the buyer if there are any unforeseen issues with a title. Although this is rare, when it happens it can be potentially catastrophic. Sometimes there are issues with a property’s marketability that are impossible to find within the state or county databases. Title Insurance ensures that for the buyer your right to ownership on the property is protected throughout any such dispute. For the lender title insurance protects the lender’s interest in the property until the loan is paid off or refinanced. At Vaughan law we have experienced what the process is like, can recognize red flag’s in a property’s history, and can draft a policy that fits your needs/budget. 

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Although title insurance isn’t required in the state of South Carolina there are many ways that it can be beneficial. Title Insurance protects ownership throughout any disputes which means you won’t be forced to move or shutdown business at any point during the process. Additionally, every buyer that purchases title insurance has peace of mind knowing that they are protected. In any case, it is necessary to let experienced attorneys who know the law of Charleston and South Carolina draft your title insurance to ensure that you are protected properly in the event of disaster. A fundamental problem with lackluster insurance policies is that if the fine print says you aren’t protected- you’re not protected. At Vaughan Law we have the experience to ensure that you are protected to the full extent of the law as well as helping to feel comfortable knowing the terms of your insurance. 

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Some insurance policies can leave you feeling like you’re paying too much for too little coverage. The benefit to having experienced attorneys is that you know exactly what you’re covered for and also understand all the terms of your policy. Owning a home in a volatile area like Charleston can be intimidating and full of surprises which is why you must prepare accordingly. At Vaughan Law we take the extra time during the closing process to attentive explain all of your options and how we’ve seen circumstances similar to yours play out in the past. We pride ourselves in our personability so that we can make the closing process as stress free as possible for everyone involved. Any way that we can improve your peace of mind is a win for everyone. Additionally, your emails and phone calls will always be answered promptly by a member of our staff!

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