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Law Practice Areas

Residential Real Estate Closings

A residential real estate closing refers to the process in which homes are legally transferred from one owner to another.

Residential Refinance Closings

Residential refinance closings occur when a home owner or investor wants to get a better interest rate on their mortgage.

Commercial Real Estate Purchase Closings

Commercial real estate purchase closing refers to the legal process in which residential buildings are transferred.

Real Estate Title Search Services

Title searches are conducted to ensure that property is marketable, has a clean history, and that the right property is being transferred.

Commercial Refinance Closings

Commercial refinance closings occur when a business owner or investor is in the market for a better interest rate to cut down costs.

Real Estate Title Insurance Services

Title insurance is necessary to ensure that you are covered in the event that a future problem arises with a property's deed.

Real Estate Attorney Charleston SC

At Vaughan Law we specialize in residential real estate closings, residential refinance closings, commercial real estate purchase closings, real estate title searches, commercial refinance closings, and real estate title insurance services. Our brick-and-mortar business is located in Charleston but we are licensed in the entire state of South Carolina. Additionally, we offer several different avenues to conduct a closing so that we’re not limited to one area. The advantage to working with our firm is that we value local business because we understand that we are in a niche in which word to mouth is extremely important. Additionally, we enjoy working with the same agents more than one time so that each closing is smoother than the last. One of our core values is to be as personable and communicate with potential clients to increase ease of access for everyone involved!


Real estate attorneys are required to oversee all real estate transactions in South Carolina. In an area like Charleston real estate transactions are best done as efficiently and flawlessly as possible to keep up with the lightning fast market. At Vaughan Law we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and fast turnaround times to get you into your dream home as soon as possible! Additionally, we are well versed in the legal documentation so we have the ability to conduct the closing process efficiently while also never cutting corners. After your closing, our clients are always aware of all of their options and have fulfilled any extra information that they desire. Our reputation and experience in real estate law makes it easy to keep peace of mind before, during, and after your closing!

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At Vaughan Law we’ve recognized and experienced how hard it can be to get ahold of an attorney immediately. As a result, we have made it our mission to communicate with our clients as punctually as possible. Our office is open everyday and we always respond to calls/emails as soon as we’re made aware of them. Our team monitors our phone system and email so that you never have to worry about long wait times or an office taking weeks to get back to you. Additionally, our closers are usually available to speak with you personally and their experience has given them the knowledge to answer almost any question that an attorney can answer. In a world that moves so quickly, Vaughan Law is dedicated to serving the Charleston area with the attention that it deserves!

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