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Residential Real Estate Closings

A residential real estate closing refers to the process in which homes are legally transferred from one owner to another.

Residential Refinance Closings

Residential refinance closings occur when a home owner or investor wants to get a better interest rate on their mortgage.

Commercial Real Estate Purchase Closings

Commercial real estate purchase closing refers to the legal process in which residential buildings are transferred.

Real Estate Title Search Services

Title searches are conducted to ensure that property is marketable, has a clean history, and that the right property is being transferred.

Commercial Refinance Closings

Commercial refinance closings occur when a business owner or investor is in the market for a better interest rate to cut down costs.

Real Estate Title Insurance Services

Title insurance is necessary to ensure that you are covered in the event that a future problem arises with a property's deed.


Frequently Asked Questions and Policies

Real estate transactions can be intimidating. Here is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our office or email!

A standard closing usually takes between 3-5 weeks depending on a variety of factors. However, refinance closings typically can be completed much quicker. On closing day, you can expect to be at our office for between one and two hours.


Closing costs are typically negotiated in the terms of your contract. The costs are usually split between the buyer and seller due to their respective responsibilities. For example, home warranty is usually paid by the seller. In the event of a refinance closing, some lenders will allow you to include closing costs in the loan. 

Closings are usually held at our office. We ask that you show up 15 minutes before your closing and bring a state-issued ID. During special circumstances, the buyer and seller can meet at different times. In the event you can’t make it at all, a power of attorney form can be provided. 


All real estate transactions in South Carolina require an attorney to oversee them. Additionally, using an attorney as an escrow agent ensures that all money is tracked properly and that no word to mouth deals take place. This protects both sides by ensuring all deals are legally conducted. 

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